Would you love to:

✔️ Take your images from “good to gorgeous” in Photoshop easily?
✔️ Streamline your workflow and reduce your editing time?
✔️ Unlock your creative potential & find your own unique style?

✔️ Eliminate overwhelm and master Photoshop once and for all?

All without Actions, self-doubt, or complicated “techy” tutorials?

If you’re thinking “YES, I’d love that!” keep reading…

  • Learn Photoshop online with The Photoshop Fanatic Course!
  • Learn Photoshop online with The Photoshop Fanatic Course!
  • Learn Photoshop online with The Photoshop Fanatic Course!
  • Learn Photoshop online with The Photoshop Fanatic Course!
  • Learn Photoshop online with The Photoshop Fanatic Course!
  • Learn Photoshop online with The Photoshop Fanatic Course!
  • Learn Photoshop online with The Photoshop Fanatic Course!

Inside The Photoshop Fanatic
You’ll Learn How-To:

Edit like the artist you dream of being –without relying on Photoshop Actions or feeling like you’re stumbling through the program. I’ll teach you how to manually enhance your images to perfection and how to navigate Photoshop to find what you need. You’ll learn how to define your own unique style so that you can stand out from the crowd and carve your place in the photography world.

Together, we’ll streamline your workflow and reduce your editing time so that you can focus on your other priorities too; like quality time with your family or marketing your business (if you have one). Most importantly, you’ll master Photoshop skills that do one thing: make your images look absolutely stunning!

Whether you’re brand new to Photoshop, or have been using it for a while and just want to get more out of the program, this course was designed to give you everything you need to become proficient in Photoshop.


Why You’ll Absolutely
Adore This Course:

It’s a fun, simple to understand (non-geek speak!), go-at-your-own-pace online video e-course with Lifetime Access.

That means that you can watch these videos anytime you’d like, as many times as you’d like. Plus, you’ll automatically receive access to any new lessons or updates I make to this course in the future.

You’ll also appreciate learning everything you need to know to edit like a Photoshop Pro (even if you’re a beginner) in 10 short hours!

No more wasted time piecing together YouTube tutorials trying to figure out this overwhelming program on your own. Instead, I’ll walk you through it step-by-step.

Meet Your Teacher, Morgan Burks

Meet Your Teacher!

Hey, there! I’m Morgan. A sky-obsessed portrait photographer and wife & mama of two. I help photographers learn how to edit their photos confidently & creatively in Photoshop, so they can stand out from the crowd, make more money, and save valuable time.

I first began recording Photoshop tutorials back in 2012, and it was kind of a fluke. A few people in a FB group I was in asked how I edited one of my photos, and it was easier to record a quick video than it was to write it all out. My love for editing was quickly met with a love of teaching and before long, I had an entire YouTube channel of free tutorials. In 2014, I launched The Photoshop Fanatic Course as a way to help students who enjoyed my free videos get a more in-depth, complete training so they could take their knowledge and skills even further. Since then, I’ve had the absolute honor (and frankly, astonishment!) of getting to help thousands of photographers learn to create standout imagery and enhance their photos in Photoshop.

How Will This Help Me?

  • You’ll save time (because you won’t have to struggle through Photoshop on your own, playing around, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.)
  • You’ll save money (because you won’t have to keep investing in more actions, books, & courses to get to where you want to be.)
  • You’ll eliminate frustration (because you’ll know exactly what you need to do in Photoshop to bring your full artistic vision to life.)
  • You’ll increase your confidence (because you’ll define your own unique style and finally create images that “WOW!”)

This Is How It Works:

Once you’re in, you’re in for life! You’ll be given instant + downloadable access to ALL Photoshop Fanatic video lessons, including Bonus lessons inside your account. Watch them online anytime or save all the lessons along with any course materials to your computer for easier access. You’ll also get access to the example images so you can work alongside me; producing the same effects and making it easier to learn as you go.


The Photoshop Fanatic
Course In Review:

There are 6 main lessons inside The Photoshop Fanatic. The first three lessons are all about the basics and helping you get familiar + comfortable with the program. The next three lessons are about putting those basics to work and using everything you’ve learned to create full, in-depth edits.

Basically, as you’ll read below, each lesson builds upon the last to help you understand Photoshop as quickly & easily as possible. You’ll even be able to download the images I’m using in the lessons, so you can work alongside me and practice the steps on your own!

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Photoshop
You’ll learn where things are located, how to rearrange your workspace panels to your liking, and get a quick tour of the program. This lesson is designed so that anyone who’s brand new to Photoshop — or even recently upgraded to CC from another version– can get familiar with what they’re looking at.

Lesson 2: Understanding the Tools Panel
A walk-through explanation and demonstration of the tools inside the Tools Panel. You’ll learn what each tool is for, plus some different ways to use them. I’ll also share my own personal favorite tips & tricks while discussing some workarounds for anyone who’s using an earlier version of Photoshop and may not have access to some of the newer tools.

Lesson 3: Understanding the Layers Panel
A walk-through explanation and demonstration of the Layers Panel. Here I’ll explain each of the Adjustment Layers, what they do, some different ways they can be used, ways to customize them, and how to use layers in conjunction with each other. You’ll also learn the importance of non-destructive editing so that you can go back to your original image at anytime without permanently altering the photo.

Lesson 4: Bringing It All Together for Clean & Creative Edits
This is where we start applying everything we’ve learned so far; creating full, in-depth edits. You’ll learn how to process your photos with a clean look first, then add fun creative after effects. This way, even if your editing style should change in the future, you’ll always have a nice clean base version of your photo to go back to. In this lesson, we’ll start by opening the image into Adobe Camera Raw. I’ll show you how I process it in ACR, including how to establish a proper white balance to make skin tones look great. Next, we’ll pull the image into Photoshop and continue the clean edit there. Then, we’ll get creative by adding selective highlights, shadows, moody light, all that fun stuff!

Lesson 5: Head Swaps, Extra Light & Liquify. Oh My!
Here, I’ll show you a full edit of a family image that required a head swap. You’ll learn how to open two images into ACR and process them the exact same way so that when we do the head swap the coloring matches. Then, we’ll go through the full edit. I’ll show you how to complete the head swap, how I smooth skin, how I dodge & burn, and how I accentuate Autumn color in leaves. Next, you’ll learn how to use Liquify to alter the photo, as well as how to add extra light above the subjects.

Lesson 6: Canvas Extensions & Sky Transformations
Here, you’ll learn how to do a complete Sky Transformation edit. I’ll start with a plain image, showing you how to extend the canvas to make the image larger. Next, I’ll show you how to fill that new blank space with more of the ground. Then, we’ll add a sky overlay, some extra light, and paint in shadows to make the subjects look like they’re walking directly into the sunset! With this lesson, you can download the Sky Overlay I’m using as a free bonus, too!


Wait…There’s More!
10 Additional Bonus Lessons:

Intro to Camera RAW
Editing in Camera RAW
Newborn Blanket Fades
Low-light Black & White Effect
How-To Zoom In Without Cropping
Cloning Out Background Distractions
Creating a Rich, Moody & Romantic Edit
Creating a Water Reflection in Photoshop
Achieving a Film-Style Pastel Greenery Effect
Nighttime Sky Transformation (+ bonus sky overlay!)

You’ll Also Get My Transcendent
Photoshop Actions Collection, Free!

Don’t worry! The Photoshop Fanatic teaches you how to edit without Actions, this collection (a $115 value) is included just for fun! With this set you’ll get 64 Photoshop Actions that will allow you to completely customize your images; taking them to extraordinary new heights while also drastically reducing your editing time. Light Painting, Color Painting, Selective Sharpening, Beautiful Matte Tones, this collection has it all!

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A Quick Recap – What’s Included When You Become A Photoshop Fanatic:

  • Instant Access to the course immediately after purchase
  • Over 10 hours of instructional video training inside the 6 main lessons
  • An additional 10 Bonus Lessons for you to enjoy as well!
  • Lifetime Access to the course (and any future updates made to it)
  • Continual support in the private Facebook group where you can ask
    me questions, get help if you’re stuck, and meet like-minded friends!
  • A free copy of my Transcendent Photoshop Actions  – a $115 value 
    (Don’t worry! The course teaches you how to edit without Actions,
    these are included just for fun!)
  • Exclusive access to New Bonus Lessons, added periodically
  • Free Bonus Editing Products

If you’re ready to take your Photoshop editing skills to the next level, then I invite you to join me for The Photoshop Fanatic!

If you’re in this, I’m in it with you <3



Q: Is this course only for beginners? I’ve been using Photoshop for a few years and have a fairly good grasp of the basics, so I’m not sure if it’s right for me.
A: Excellent question. The first few lessons are geared toward beginners and establishing a foundation of the basics. If you already have that part down and know your way around the program fairly well, you’re welcome to skip those lessons and move on to the more advanced ones. In the later lessons, I talk about things like head swaps, the liquify filter, adding light, replacing skies, extending images to create more space, editing in Adobe Camera RAW, etc. If those are all things you’d like to learn, then I think you’ll still love this course!
(And hey, if you do decide to join: instead of skipping the first couple lessons entirely, consider saving them to come back to later. I’ve actually had a few intermediate students who debated skipping those first few lessons and then were glad they didn’t because they learned some new tricks they hadn’t seen before!)
Q: I use Photoshop Elements. Will this course still work for me, or do I need Photoshop CC?
A: Great question! In this course, I use Photoshop CC to demonstrate the lessons, so there are certain tools and techniques shown in these videos that may not be available in Elements, yet. For this reason, I’d say that for maximum compatibility, this course is best suited for Photoshop CC or CS users. However, I do have some Elements users enrolled in The Photoshop Fanatic who’ve told me that they were able to follow along with most of the material, but had to skip or find workarounds for a few things.
Ultimately, I’d say it’s up to you and your learning style. I’m happy to help provide workarounds if you need them, but I’d hate for the differences in programs to cause you any additional confusion or make the learning process harder on you. Totally your call! <3
If you’re still unsure and want to chat about whether this course is the right fit, shoot me an email at morgan@morganburks.com. I’d be happy to discuss it further and help you make the best choice for you.
Q: What’s the difference between The Photoshop Fanatic Course and your VIP Membership?
A: Ooh good question! Signing up for my VIP Membership means you get access to the Photoshop Fanatic lessons, the MarketMe course, and my entire product shop for a monthly rate. You can watch and learn as much as you’d like while you’re an active member, but if/when you decide to cancel your membership, you’ll no longer have access to those materials. Also, the 6 main lessons of the Photoshop Fanatic are available to watch as soon as you sign up as a VIP, but the bonus lessons are released in later months.
If you purchase The Photoshop Fanatic course outright, you get instant access to all of the lessons and they’re yours to keep. You can download and save them to your computer to watch as many times as you’d like. You’ll also get access to any future videos or lessons I add to this course– again, downloadable, so they’re yours for life.
Q: I travel a lot for work and don’t always have internet access. Do I have to be connected to the internet to watch the lessons?
A: Not at all! You can download the lessons while you’re home and connected to the internet, and then watch them offline whenever you’d like.
Q: What is your return/refund policy?
A: Because The Photoshop Fanatic course material is digital and downloadable, I generally don’t provide refunds only because there’s no way to physically receive the material in return for the refunded payment. However, if you experience any issues or dissatisfaction, or if you feel a refund is necessary in your case,  please reach out to me at morgan@morganburks.com so I can help.
Q: I have another question. Is there someone I can talk to?
A: Of course! I want to help you make the best decision for you. Shoot me an email at: morgan@morganburks.com and I’d be happy to help you personally!

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