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Learn how to create your own magic!
Above: A little Before & After from Lesson 6 of The Photoshop Fanatic

Now imagine…

    • Learning everything you need to know to edit like a Photoshop pro (even if you’re a beginner) in 10 short hours. No more wasted time piecing together random tutorials trying to figure out this overwhelming program on your own.
    • Unlocking your creative potential and finding your own unique style so you can stand out from the crowd and become sought after for your art. 
    • Editing faster, more consistently and with confidence! So you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on life sitting at your computer.
    • Regularly attracting your “Dream Clients”, increasing your yearly profits, and finally figuring out the key to your perfect work/life balance. Fact — You CAN achieve all this by marketing your business strategically.
    • Being part of a community that truly listens to you and values who and where you are — All while celebrating your wins, encouraging you, mentoring you and most importantly, holding you accountable to accomplishing your goals.

Finally there’s a community that gets it — The highs, the lows, and the confusion paired with loneliness of running a photography business. You can find your new photography family here, inside my All Access VIP Membership!


Instead, you’ll love that I’ve made it simple, easy & fun!

So, whatcha think my friend…wanna go on your photography journey together?

(No business? That’s ok! Focus on learning Photoshop & Photography and just skip the marketing stuff, or save for later)

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Learn how to create seamless head-swaps!
Above: A Before & After from Lesson 5 of The Photoshop Fanatic


This sounds too good to be true. Is it?

You’re right, it does. But, I can promise you, it’s not. 

Over 10 years ago, when I was first starting out, I struggled to find a mentor or photography community I could turn to if I needed help. I really wanted to feel less alone in what I was learning, and be surrounded by people that genuinely cared about me and understood my desire to grow, but at a price I could actually afford.

Most new photographers aren’t earning enough to invest in themselves at this stage. And I was one of them. I remember reaching out to a few local photographers in hopes of second-shooting or interning with them and not getting a response. At the time, I was disheartened, but looking back now, I get it. It’s understandable that while running businesses, these people might not have had the time or the inclination to help “the competition”.

So, I did what I think all new photographers do when they’re learning on a budget: I started googling and Youtubing like crazy. I spent countless hours (and ultimately, years) devouring every piece of content I could find online to help me and my business grow.

It took a long time, and a lot of piecing together random information, to get to where I wanted to be. So when I was finally able to figure out the things I needed to learn in order to turn my dreams into a thriving business, it became my mission to create an easier way for others to do the same.

Now, I’m in a place where I have the opportunity to give back.

And that’s seriously the best kind of happiness and reward of all.

It’s why I started creating online tutorials all those years ago. And why I put together The Photoshop Fanatic Course and created this membership. Because I know how tough it is trying to learn on your own, when you don’t even know where to begin, and you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on your education.

I want to do this for the people, like you, who are truly invested in doing the work and making your own dreams a reality, but just need the help getting there.

So if this sounds like something you could benefit from, I’d love to invite you to become a VIP member and join me in creating a photography community that respects who you are and where you are in your journey.

Welcome home!

Q: Why am I getting thousands of dollars in value for such a low price?
A: I hear you! It can feel a little suspicious to be told you’re getting a ton of crazy value for such a small cost. What’s the catch, right? Well there’s no catch here. I truly believe this membership is going to change your business for the better and I’m willing to back that up by offering a crazy amount of value for you right up front. If you’re in this, I’m in it with you. ❤️
To see what you’ll learn in The Photoshop Fanatic, click here AND for MARKETME, click here.
Q: What is your refund or cancellation policy?
A: While there are no refunds due to the massive value you receive instantly when you sign up (my Photoshop Fanatic eCourse – $297, a Marketing eCourse -$498, & my entire product shop -$1,500+), you do have the option to cancel anytime right from your account.
Q: How do I cancel my membership if and when I decide to?
A: You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your Account and clicking the Cancel button under “My Subscriptions”. Please note: after cancelling, you’ll still have access to the VIP content for the remainder of the subscription period you paid for. Once that subscription period ends, your payment will not renew, and you’ll then lose access to our Membership Center along with access to The Photoshop Fanatic and any downloadable resources you haven’t saved to your computer.
Q: Will the price of the membership go up?
A: The price of the membership may change in the future as more content and value is added, but when you join you lock in the current rate for as long as you remain an active member.
Q: What if I need to change my payment method?
A: Super simple! Just log into your Account, click on “My Subscriptions” and you can update your payment information right from there.
Q: I have another question. Is there someone I can talk to?
A: Why yes, of course — I want to help you make the absolute best decision for YOU. Shoot me an email at: [email protected] and I’d be happy to help you personally!

Learn how to find your own unique editing style
Above: My full editing process from beginning to end in Lesson 4 of The Photoshop Fanatic

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