• Morgan is absolutely AWESOME!!! Not only does she take the time to personally respond to comments on facebook, but she also personally responds to messages/emails! I absolutely love that about her and how she runs her business. And to add to all that awesomeness... she makes such great products. I have purchased many!!!! Love them all! Will order from her over and over again! Really hope to one day have the chance to meet you Morgan! Your products have really helped me figure out "my style" because your products are so easy to play with!  Thank you soooooo very much!

    Jessica Edens Digital Art by Jessica
  • I have always been a big fan of Morgan from the time I first saw her work! She has helped me become a more amazing photographer through her mentoring and her actions are my GO TO!! They can be tweaked in so many ways! She is there to help day or night and ALWAYS has a prompt answer! Her products are affordable and you get exactly what you pay for and then some!

    Kalyn Brown Kalyn Brown Photography
  • I’m a big fan of Morgan Burks products! I definitely love the sky overlays-it really helps to add that little something extra an image needs to give the emotion I want to portray. Sometimes everything is right in an image, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating! Pop in a beautiful sultry sky from Morgan Burkes and BAM!! There it is…Perfection!

    Kelly Blackall Blackall Photography
  • Where to begin? Morgan, you are one of the most kind and helpful people I've ever known. You do not hesitate to drop everything and share your vast knowledge with anyone who needs it, and you are always gracious and responsive no matter how simple or tedious the situation is. Of all the "famous photographers" out there you are definitely the sweetest and caring I've come across. As for your products, well, all of your amazing qualities as a person shine right through your work. Your actions are the easiest to use, provide the most gorgeous results and they are truly unique. I have purchased many action sets from you as well as overlays and I can honestly say, no one does it better than you do. Using just one of your overlays can completely change an image from being alright to WOW. I have never had a bad experience with you or your products and for that I will be ever grateful <3

    Amanda Monaco Schaub Live to Love Photography
  • What don't I recommend of Morgan's? That's probably a better question - and the answer is nothing - because every single one of her products I've tried (I think I *might* just own the entire shop...and I've taken TWO mentoring classes with her) have been amazing!

    Katie Picard K Laine Imagery & Design
  • I use your Transcendent freebie and slight boost on 90% of my images. For me with shooting natural lighting  it helps bring depth to my images that my clients love

    Vickie Jones Photos By V
  • I have found your tutorials to be some of the MOST helpful available! Your ability to teach and walk us through the steps, you have a natural gift for being a leader, and I really appreciate and benefit greatly from watching your guides! I also enjoy your products which are a valuable tool to my business workflow process. Thank you so much!

    Monda Goette Monda Goette Photography
  • Morgan how am I ever going to go back to batch editing in Lightroom with all your amazing PS action?? Sigh....I'm in love.....

    Kelly Anne Tuohey
  • I have been a fan of Morgan's work, both in photography and creative editing, and after receiving a free action set she was offering, I knew I had to have more! I quickly treated myself to the Beautiful Basics collection, and a few others with nothing but gushing compliments, and rave reviews from the following photos I produced with them. Absolutely recommend, could not speak highly enough!

    Esther Stoneburner Viva Bene Photography
  • I am a Lightroom user who went into Photoshop occasionally to add textures. I signed up for PS CC in November (with the deal for Photographers) and decided I needed to learn how to work in Photoshop. I bought your Transcendent Collection and the MB Four Seasons Swirl Overlays and have been using the instructions that came with them and the tutorials on your website to learn how to use them. Your tutorials are fantastic and the reason I am drawn to your products over some others out there. Sometimes I buy a product but really just don't know how to use it, but with your tutorials to help me, I do not have regrets about buying your products. I now find myself sending any special image (Portfolio or other) into PS so that I can use Transcendent to retouch and/or add a creative edit. I am learning how to use PS, but still love to have your actions to speed up my workflow and I am really loving your actions. Two of my recent favorite images are my favorites because of the processing using your actions... I am still learning and developing my style. I thought I had my processing style figured out, but I am changing my mind as I am learning Photoshop and especially loving your actions.

    Kimberly Jane Peterson
  • I love Morgan and her products! She is always more than happy to help and has quite the knowledge of Photoshop!   I own almost every action set and overlay set she has done and love them all.  Some are subtle and some are dramatic so you can do just about anything!

    Carole Ford Brown Cbrownphotography
  • I use Morgan Burks' actions & I love them. I started using them when I first started as a photographer & her actions & tutorials have helped me both grow as a photographer & give my images a stunning, finished polish. I have also gotten to know Morgan as a friend & she is the sweetest, most helpful & encouraging person out there. Her products are great but her customer service & the way she treats people is what keeps me coming back for more! I love ya Morgan!

    Phyllis Ketchersid Southern Legacy Photography
  • I've really liked and used your freebies! As a newbie to Photoshop and actions, I was hesitant to purchase before trying, but your generosity to share previews have won me over.  I love that you do seasonal actions; they truly capture the mood and feel of the seasons.  I also learned a great deal from your tutorials and classes, which have catapulted my work to the next level.  Your teaching style is relaxed and warm, and I was shocked at how much more comfortable I felt with PS after your training.  I use skills learned from your training every single day.  Thanks for everything!

    Shelly Taylor Shelly Taylor Photography
  • Between the Galaxy Collection and Snow-verlays, I've become an addict and can't stop playing with my new "toys". Buying your whole collection was the smartest thing I've ever done for my business. Unreal. Tear. I love my job. And you.I. AM. OBSESSED.
    Kiley Humbert Little Birdie Photography
  • I haven't found actions that I really like or that work for me, but I LOVED the freebie you had which then led me to buy your Autumn set and it's been game on since then!

    Ashley Taylor Haack Ashes Imagery
  • ok I seriously LOVE your products!! I have the Thoughts of Autumn, Snow overlays ANDDDD MB Overlays and I cant get enough!!!! Thanks and keep them coming! 😀

    Andrea Brooke Holoka
  • I absolutely loved the autumn freebie set!! I also loved the free webinar that you did. I learned a lot, so thank you for that!!

    Anna Soerens Anna Soerens Photography



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