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Learn Photoshop online with The Photoshop Fanatic Course by Morgan Burks.

The Photoshop Fanatic

A learn-at-your-own-pace video e-course for beginners!

Take a tour of Photoshop. Learn which tools are placed where, how to navigate your way through, and which hidden little gems are hiding from view!

Tackle the editing tool bar.  Get familiar with the tool bar and what each tool does. Learn to combine tools and use them throughout your workflow in the most efficient order.

Finally understand layer masks.  Really.  Learn how to use layer masks for everything from masking off adjustments to using them when creating composites.

The Correctional Stuff –  Producing a clean edit:

  • Color casts and exposure problems?  Not anymore!
  • Learn how to brighten, add contrast, and add color to your images using Levels, Curves and several other techniques and tools.
  • Learn how filters can be your next best friend by really cleaning up your image.

The Artistic Stuff – Bringing your creative vision to life:

  • Find your favorite ways to add in light and creative coloring techniques.
  • Learn how to deepen your images by adding in highlights and shadows.
  • Create dynamic black and whites with different looks for any mood or feel.

Get your art into the world. Discover the fastest ways to get your art out into the world and maintain consistency with your edits to truly define your own unique style.



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