Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an MB Affiliate!

** Please be sure to read this page in its entirety, to ensure you have all the program details before deciding whether or not to join! **


How it works:

After agreeing to the terms and signing up, you will be given a special referral link that you can use to share with your friends about any MB Products.

If your friends make a purchase within 90 days of using your link, you’ll receive a commission for their purchase!


All MB Affiliates will start out earning 25% commission for each purchase made through their referral link.

If 30 sales are made within a year after signing up for the MB Affiliate Program, the commission will go up to 50% per sale!


I know it’s not as much fun, but before we can begin with all the exciting stuff, we first have to discuss the rules…

#1. Please be respectful when sharing your referral link.

By this I mean, do not share in groups or forums where referral links are not allowed, or in groups/forums dedicated to the shop of someone who sells similar products/resources. The last thing we want is to step on any toes, so always be aware of rules when sharing!

Also, please keep the private MB Facebook group free of referral links as well. Thank you!

#2. Commissions will only be paid based on what is shown in your ledger.

Your ledger keeps track of purchases made within 90 days of your referral link being clicked. If someone clicks your link, but doesn’t make a purchase within those 90 first days, their sale will not show up as a referral in your ledger.

If you shared your link, but a client didn’t use it or forgot to use it, you will unfortunately not receive a commission for their sale in your ledger.

Commissions are awarded to the last link clicked, so if someone uses your referral link and then clicks someone else’s referral link before making their purchase, you will not receive the commission for their sale in your ledger.

To be fair to all affiliates — and to me — exceptions will not be made on any of these rules. We want to keep the MB Affiliate Program as stress free as possible for all involved!

#3. The MB Affiliate program is a privilege, so please don’t abuse it.

Please don’t use your own referral link when making purchases, and please don’t swap links with another Affiliate (such as you purchasing using their link, and them purchasing on yours). Honesty in the best policy, and I reserve the right to remove anyone from this affiliate program who isn’t using their Affiliate status in an honest way. (If you use your own link, or swap links, commissions will not be paid for that sale and you may be terminated from the program.)

#4. Commission info.

Commissions will be paid on out on or before the 10th of the month for any earnings made the previous month. (If you receive a referral sale on January 5th, you will receive payment for that sale on or before February 10th)

If someone uses your link to make a purchase and then receives a refund, you will unfortunately not receive commission for that sale. If you have already received the earnings from that sale, and then a refund is provided, the amount of the refund will be withheld from your future earnings.

Best practices for getting the most of the affiliate program:

– When sharing your referral link, mention what you liked about your personal experience with MB products.

– Share before and afters of these products on your own images along with a brief testimonial.

– Mention your favorite products in FB groups or forums (where allowed – see above)

– Send an email to friends who may enjoy MB products and include your referral link.

– Write a blog post about your experience with MB Products and share it.

I hope this program is exciting and successful for all MB Affiliates, and whether or not you choose to join the program at this time, please know that I sincerely appreciate your business and support!


If you have any questions about the MB Affiliate Program, you can send me an email at morgan@morganburks.com and I’d be happy to answer them for you!

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