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Using and Understanding Layer Masks in Photoshop

If you have been using the Eraser Tool for any part of your Photoshop workflow, this tutorial is for you! In this video, I’ll show you a better, non-destructive way to remove or refine adjustments as you’re editing. With Layer Masks, you simply paint with a black color to remove an effect from your photo, and if you make a mistake, you can switch your color to white and paint it right back.

Helpful tip: “Black conceals, white reveals.” Meaning, that when any area of your layer mask that is black, your effect is hidden in that location. And when any area of your layer mask is white, your effect is visible in that location.

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If the eraser tool is any part of your Photoshop workflow, this tutorial will show you a better way to remove or refine adjustments in Photoshop with Layer Masks!
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