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Lessons From 7 Years in Business

Do you ever look back and laugh about how much you’ve changed over the years?

I was just joking with a friend the other day about how glad I am that I launched my business back when I had no shortage of completely unwarranted confidence in my abilities. ?

Maybe it was youth, or just me being fired up by my newfound passion for photography and editing, but seriously, back then, you couldn’t have told me my mediocre photos and Photoshop skills weren’t amazing. I wouldn’t have believed you for a second!

Those early days were spent layering precious photos of my coerced children with one effect after another –never allowing myself to be bothered by such trivial things as “lowering opacity”. And the result of purple-toned hair and overblown skin was the most gorgeous effect I’d ever laid eyes on. I could not wait to tell everyone exactly how they could recreate that beauty on their own images. ?

Looking back now, I of course cringe at my early work, but I’m also so freaking grateful for the Morgan who didn’t waste time doubting herself and her abilities before she got started.

She found something she loved, wanted to share it with others, and ran full steam ahead. Never stopping to ask how others might perceive her, or caring if she made mistakes or wasn’t perfect.

The overzealous unawareness of that Morgan, is precisely why I have a business today.

Because if there’s one thing these last seven years have taught me, it’s that you can waste so much time waiting for perfection. Delaying your dreams and putting things off until you’re “ready” or “better” or “worthy”.

But you dont need to be perfect to start.

In fact, great things can happen when you’re not.

Just take the first step. Share it. Teach it. Whatever the case may be.

To this day, there are probably a thousand things I don’t know about Photoshop. But each of the things I do know is something I can share with others. And any new things I learn along the way, I can share later.

This sort of thinking is what makes the whole journey feel like a group effort. And honestly, I think that’s been my favorite part about these last seven years — learning and growing together over a shared mutual interest.

So, thank you so much for being here, learning and growing with me. (Especially if you stuck with me through those early, colorful days. ?)

I appreciate you so much.

And if there’s something in your life that you’ve been putting off while you wait for perfection?

Don’t overthink. Don’t doubt. Just do.

I believe in you! ❤️

P.S. If you need help getting started; whether it’s figuring out pricing for your photography business, understanding how exactly to start a blog, or learning some new Photoshop tricks — I’ve got your back!

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