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How to Turn a Text Watermark into a Brush in Photoshop

When sharing sneak peeks for my clients on social media, I always post an image that’s been sized for the web and includes my watermark. As you can imagine, watermarking every photo can seem a little tedious. Especially when it involves opening and placing a watermark file every time. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to turn a text watermark into a brush in Photoshop. This method is an awesome time-saver, as it allows you to stamp your watermark onto your photo with just the click of a brush.

Quick note: Photoshop Brushes stamp your watermark onto your photo in one solid color. If your logo has multiple colors that you’d like to preserve when watermarking your photos, you may prefer this time-saving method instead.

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With this free tutorial, learn how to turn a text watermark into a brush in Photoshop for a quick, easy application! | Find more photography tips and free Photoshop tutorials at
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