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Editing Hazy Images

Haze can be a tricky issue for a lot of photographers. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to help alleviate it in post processing. In this video tutorial, I’ll show you a few techniques you can use when editing hazy images in ACR/Lightroom. We’ll discuss reducing the haze, boosting contrast, and enhancing color.

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Need help editing hazy images? Check out this free video for cutting through haze in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom.
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  • JohnH


    Really enjoy your tips and techniques. Any reason you didn’t apply the dehaze filter as part of the editing process? Also, kinda’ hard to hear you in your videos; just an fyi…thanks for all your great help!


    • Morgan

      Hi John, Thanks so much for your feedback! I have a similar tutorial where I use the Dehaze filter. I wanted to create a tutorial with some other options, though, as I know that the Dehaze filter is only in newer version of ACR, and some users with older versions of ACR don’t have that slider. I so appreciate you bringing the volume issue to my attention! Was the volume on the video turned all the way up and you still were having issues hearing the audio? I’m going to look into that to make sure future videos are better. Thank you so much!

  • JohnH

    Hi Morgan,
    Hope you had a nice holiday weekend. Yep, I had the volume way up and then had to crank it up on the computer as well. Almost seemed as if you were a bit too far from the mic… And that makes sense on the filter question…always nice to have more than one way to accomplish something.

    • Morgan

      Hi John, My weekend was great. I hope yours was as well! That makes sense — now that you mention it, I did have the mic a little further from me than I normally do. I’ll fix that next time! Thanks again for your feedback. I really appreciate it!

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