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How to Add your Logo to the Libraries Panel in Photoshop CC

If you’ve ever wished there was a faster way to watermark your images in Photoshop, this video is for you! In it, I’ll show you how to add your logo to the Libraries Panel in Photoshop CC. This makes it super easy to drag and drop your logo right onto your photos! (Without having to find and open your logo file every time.)

I have another time-saving tutorial that shows how to turn a text watermark into a Photoshop Brush. The Watermark Brush technique allows you to easily stamp your watermark onto your photos, too. However, the downside is that your logo will be applied in one solid color. If you have a full color logo, and want to preserve the different colors, this Libraries Panel option may be a better fit for you.

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Looking for a faster way to watermark your photos in Photoshop? This video tutorial will show you how to add your logo to the Libraries Panel in Photoshop to make it insanely easy to just drag and drop your logo onto your photo when you've finishing editing! | Find more photography tips & free tutorials at
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