A Lightroom Preset is a recorded set of editing steps that you “run” in Lightroom. Once you click the Preset you wish to use, Lightroom quickly applies the recorded effects of that Preset to your image. Each Lightroom Preset can create an entirely different look or effect, and many times you can even add more than one Preset to your image. Presets are great at helping to speed up your workflow because you can achieve an in-depth edit with just the simple push of a button!



For step-by-step written instructions on installing Presets, click here .

If you’re a visual learner, you can watch me install Lightroom Presets in the video tutorial below!


There are several Lightroom Preset Collections available for purchase in my shop!
You can browse them below, or view them all here.

MB Days Past Presets for LR 4 & UpMB Days Past Presets for LR 4 & Up
White Winter Presets for LightroomWhite Winter Presets for Lightroom
MB Colors of Autumn Presets for Lightroom 5 & UpMB Colors of Autumn Presets for Lightroom 5 & Up
MB Immersion Presets for Lightroom 5 and LR Classic CCMB Immersion Presets for Lightroom 5 and LR Classic CC
SaleMB Ulti-Matte Actions & PresetsMB Ulti-Matte Actions & Presets


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